How I Style Biker Shorts

Biker shorts where a difficult piece for me to start using. They were too long or to short, and not at all complementary to my body type, which includes thick and short legs. But I finally decided to intervene them by cutting them to the length of my desire. I intervene two of them: One where my least used pair or leggings and the other one was a sport biker short that was too long.

But how do I style them without looking unpresentable or as if I was going to exercise?

The key element for my styling is a very obvious one: A Black oversized blazer. Which as you guys know is my go-to item in my closet. I think styling them with biker shorts it’s the easiest way to style them and the perfect complement, so you look stylish and structured.

Biker shorts are tight and very revealing and for me the best way to style them is to pair them with oversized items, being for example graphic tees, oversized jackets or blazers.

A key accessory would also be a belt or a to accentuate the waist when using very oversized and structured blazers.

For shoes I mainly go with sneakers, either dad sneakers, which are chunky they make me look elongated. The other way I style them is with basic white sneakers paired along with mid long cuff socks. I think this are the perfect “cool” factor to finish up the look.

I would also wear them with high heeled booties or any kind of kitten heel, or sandal like heel.

Black basic tee from ‘Tennis’, sport biker shorts, oversized blazer, Stan Smith and cuff black socks, and Rose Fanny Pack from ‘Velez’.
Here I wore a shorter biker with an oversized graphic tee.

Here I leave you some ideas for you to get inspired and dare to wear biker shorts.


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